Which is a benefit of advertising online?

Which is a benefit of advertising online?

Author: Gediminas Blažys

Created: 2021-10-26, Last updated: 2024-04-08

Banner ads should be considered not only as a means of transferring the visual form of press advertising into digital environment but also as a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness online. The fact is that a certain brand becomes more recognizable and communicated about in the social content effectively boosts its reputation, which is very important for market players striving to earn social status. Being visible means building confidence in your brand, as communicating the changes and latest news of your business reminds the consumers of transparency and determination to respond to their needs.

This article briefly discusses the main benefits of advertising online. At the same time, it may serve as a recommendation for marketing managers who will be planning an advertising campaign in the future. By considering the below mentioned steps could reach better campaign results.


Choosing Target Content

Consumers’ response to banner ads directly depends not only on the advertising message itself, but also on the environment in which such banners appear. The relevance of advertising message in the banner ad directly depends on its relevance to the page’s content. In the market this solution is called contextual advertising: when at the appropriate time a specific personalized advertisement appears in specific articles or forums. Such solution minimizes the distance to the consumer and maximizes your sales potential. Furthermore, contextual advertising helps to establish dialogue with the consumer.

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Choosing Target Audience 

One of the greatest advantages of online advertising is the option to choose your target audience. The first step is to clearly identify the potential consumer. When planning an advertising campaign, this information gives an opportunity to deconstruct audiences of different websites and target your advertising to the particular segment. You can differentiate your audience by various geographic and socio-demographic criteria: age, gender, family status, personal income, place of residence, etc.

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Identifying Target Audience’s Interests

In the digital environment Internet users are identified by their cookies that store information about their browsing habits. This strategy allows finding out what the users are reading, what interests them the most and what are their current needs. That is why advertising on the Internet can be displayed by targeting the interest of particular Internet users. The most important thing is that the advertising message may not necessarily be displayed in an environment reflecting the current interest, but in the subsequent steps of the user.

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Building Audience’s Loyalty 

Online advertising allows building audience’s loyalty and bringing back the visitors to the certain webpage. This solution is called retargeting or remarketing. Its application is very simple: ads are displayed on various websites only to those who have visited a certain website before. This solution is necessary for e-shop owners seeking to share latest news, as well as to bring back potential customers to finalize a purchase.

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Increasing Site’s Organic Traffic 

Advertising banners is an effective tool of increasing your site’s organic traffic. A term “post view effect” is widely used in the digital world. The term describes a situation when a user has seen an ad and gone on to make a purchase without clicking on the advertising banner itself. It means that for a user it was enough to grasp an advertising message in the banner to go to your website for additional information.


Immediate Reaction

Online advertising, unlike other advertising channels, makes it possible to quickly assess the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy, evaluate if user’s reaction to advertising is better than expected and foresee if the expected results of the campaign will be achieved. Online advertising is cheaper than other advertising channels thus it is regarded a less painful way to correct mistakes made and achieve efficiency. It enables making immediate changes if necessary and reaching better results.


Therefore, online advertising is an excellent part of a marketing strategy helping to achieve greater brand awareness. This is an advertising channel that gives you the full freedom of managing advertising budgets in accordance to appropriate advertising environment, target audience or its interests. Internet advertising provides an opportunity to effective, innovative and able respond to the current demand immediately.

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