Managing programmatic demand requires analyzing an ocean of data in different partner platforms on a daily basis, and cross-matching complex data to get actionable insights might be a tedious task. 

Horizon is a yield performance and bid analytics platform that allows you to connect all your programmatic and non-programmatic demand sources and aggregate all the bid-level data into a single dashboard.

Effortlessly monitor, analyze and make effective decisions. Do it on a centralized platform, in real-time and based on the aggregated bid-level data of all your Header Bidding partners.

Easily connect any and all of your programmatic and non-programmatic demand partners into one unified data stream to have a bird’s-eye view of your ad stack:

  • Google Adx (Open Market and Programmatic Direct)
  • Google Open Bidding
  • Header Bidders (Xandr, Magnite, OpenX, Pubmatic, Index Exchange, Adform and any other)
  • Amazon
  • Direct Insertion Orders

Slice and dice your data via our intuitive user interface to break it down to smaller, more transparent parts. Examine them from different viewpoints and gain deeper understanding on your ad stack performance.

Connect your Google Analytics to get additional insights and cross-reference ads and site performance to discover trends, causality and correlation.

Experiment with your ad traffic, ad units and demand partners based on the data in Horizon to optimize your stack. Measure incremental value of your demand partners and increase your revenue.


Don’t wait for the lingering trouble to turn into a catastrophe - feel safe with Horizon – it is continuously supervising the traffic for fluctuations and unusual activity, and sends you automated notifications if a crucial threshold has been crossed.

It oversees:

  • Complete stop of monetization
  • Prebid, script, tag problems
  • Demand partner performance drop
  • Ad unit performance drop
  • Viewability, latency, timeout changes

You can rely on transparent real-time data, examine it and take immediate action if an incident occurs.

Horizon reports not only on negative activity, but also lets you of unexpected growth in digits as well.


Easy integration

You just need to add our verified adapter to your Prebid module.

All demand sources

Overview all Header bidding demand partners, Google Adx, Google Open Bidding, Amazon, Programmatic Direct (private deals and marketplaces) and direct orders.

Interactive real-time data

Adjust, filter, sort, transform and export the data for your needs.

Intuitive user interface

Use Horizon with ease from the very first day.

Slide and dice data

Split the data based on over 30 metrics and dimensions.

Troubleshoot setup

Have all the indicators at your disposal to scan for errors and perform corrective actions.

Automated notifications

Receive alerts of significant changes immediately to assess the situation and make necessary decisions.


Auction tier basis

From 1000 €
/ per tier

<500 M auctions per month - 1000 €

<2’000 M auctions per month - 1800 €

>2’000 M auctions per month - please contact us


0 €

Free with our Monetization services


No. Onboarding is for free.

You add our prebid adapter to your prebid module; We help you connect all desired demand sources; We train you how to use Horizon; You start seeing increase in your performance.

It can take less than a week to set everything up and start seeing first results.

It is as close to real-time as possible with Header bidder info delay of <1h and Google ads delay of <2h (per Google data sharing timeline)

Yes. The auctions happen in the Prebid module no matter whether it’s browser-based or server-based bidding.

Yes. There is a seamless integration with Amazon Marketplace.

You are able to see demand separately from these sources: Google Open market, Google Open Bidding, Google Preferred Deals, Google Private Auctions, Google Programmatic Guaranteed, any Header bidding partner, Amazon, direct orders in Google Ad Manager.

Horizon is constantly monitoring bidder performance and the moment it detects an unusual or unexpected drop or spike in performance, no matter negative or positive, it instantly informs you via email or in-app notification to be aware of the situation.

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