Console is a crucial platform which replaces countless dashboards, platforms and control panels. 

It effortlessly integrates your daily used platforms and lets you monitor your traffic and visitor activity, check your page speed and SEO performance, discover your audience composition and get insights, oversee your ad slot, demand partner, viewability performance and earnings.

Know Your Audience

Integrate your Google Analytics data to Console, add our DMP data or use either one individually and explore your user’s behavior, discover your audience’s sociodemographic profile and interests, analyze web’s traffic, page popularity, referrers by type and other important visitor metrics.

Investigate and evaluate your ad stack performance including revenue, viewability, bid rate, timeout rate, ad requests and impressions, CPM, vCPM, CPC, CTR and many more.

Slice and dice the data by date, ad slot, demand partner, advertiser creative size, line item type and other options.

Evaluate your ad revenue
Study your site's performance

Check, log and benchmark your page speed and most important SEO indicators, manage ads.txt insertions and monitor compliance with GDPR and TCF. Our expert teams are ready to help if something looks wrong or feels uncertain.


All in one

Have all useful website’s data at your fingertips.

Helpful insights

Get automated recommendations and insights, and on-demand support from our expert team.

Intuitive user interface

Use Console with ease from the very first day.

Dazzling fast

Console is built to handle massive amounts of data and present comprehensible output in a very short time.

Audience discovery

Know your audience and traffic to grow it and promote user loyalty.

Monetization tracking

Be on top of your revenue sources and cognizant of your most valuable assets.

Technical harmony

Feel safe and know that your website works flawlessly.


Saved reports

Save your time and have all reports predefined and ready to go.

Affinity index

Measure and better understand your site’s audience compared to the general public.

Automatic notifications

Don’t miss out on important developments within your inventory.

Easy integration

A straightforward connection between Console and Google Analytics.

Ads.txt management

Monitor, modify and export your ads.txt in a few clicks.

Traffic Amplifier management

Seamless user interface for observing your traffic growth.

Horizon management

Dive into more detailed analysis of your monetization capabilities.

Cross-platform data fusion

Forget about piles of logins and excel sheets - have all the important data in one place.

Adblock inventory monitoring

Observe adblock rates on your sites and take action to reclaim your users.

Lux management

Track your viewability performance and improve it based on our recommendations.



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