Programmatic Direct

Transparency on purchased inventory and pricing

Advertisers are able to quickly and effectively set new buys live on top-tier websites or even packages of inventory on specific segmented verticals. Available on many of the largest programmatic exchanges such as DV360, Xandr, Magnite, Adform, Improve Digital, Stroeer and more.

Less time consuming, no more sending deliverables, adjusting media plans in between.

Programmatic efficiency
Brand safe, Secured, Transparent

Both advertisers and publishers stand to benefit from programmatic direct, with a guaranteed agreement and fixed price and agreed duration.

The publisher and advertiser both have a very clear idea of what kind of inventory they are buying, what CPM needs to be paid, and the type of creatives that are being displayed to users.

Programmatic Direct has a priority against open market, taking the privilege to bid first before the Impressions is offered to all open market buyers. It is a huge benefit to have a first impression won for the visitors of the website. This allows you to reach your Campaigns KPIs easier, especially for conversion orientated campaigns.


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Enhance your campaign with Programmatic Direct


Transparent & High-Value Inventory

Show your Ads in high viewable Ad Positions on selected Domains


Take the privilege to bid first!

Have a “first-look” before Open Market buyers.


Programmatic advertising is an efficient and extremely effective automated way to bid and target your customers and guarantee impressions by allowing your brand to serve the right message at the right time to the right audience

Full Control

Buy according to your needs, simply choose your own targeting options.
Choose the right Audience, right Devices, desired time and dates, and easily manage volumes.

Manage on your platform

Programmatic Direct deal connections available with numerous demand side platforms (DSP): DV360, Adform, Xandr, Magnite, Improve Digital, Smart and more.

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