Traffic Amplifier

Traffic Amplifier is a network-wide automated content recommendation engine that helps you show relevant content to the right audience. Showing relevant content maintains users’ interest, increases time spent on site and page per visitor count - the most important metrics for user loyalty.

Remnant Ad inventory could be used in various ways. For example, to display your own articles and keep visitors engaged and extend their session time. Articles are added to a native banner look and displayed with top-performing articles based for each visitor.

Inside recommendations widget
External Traffic

Join our Publishers’ network and share the banner with others. Our Traffic Amplifier algorithm selects the up-to-date and top-performing articles from all over the network and displays them to the visitor. Visitors are kept engaged with the offered content and website traffic is being exchanged across the Publishers.


No coding needed

Traffic Amplifier crawls the web page and builds articles’ feed files which can be simply managed on the Console

Always up to date content

Traffic Amplifier reviews articles hourly and keeps the most recent ones to make sure that content is relevant and up to date.

Top articles & content displayed

In Traffic Amplifier AI chooses the best / most popular articles to display to the users and keeps only the most engaging ones.

Strict Rules (what to show, what not)

Traffic Amplifier allows you to manage articles and set the rules: which articles shouldn’t be displayed, choose recency as well as include additional articles manually.



20 €
/ per month

Subscription Price model applies when you show Inside recommendations on your webpage.


0,10 €
/ per CPM

CPM Price model applies when you exclusively want to show only your own articles. Usually this practise is used for External widget, named as Branded Recommendations widget.


No coding needed. Simply add the URL you would like to crawl/get articles from. Traffic Amplifier will automatically prepare the feed and display it in the banner. From pre-built templates select the one you like.

  • Contact us for participation with other Publishers, and we will give you access to the Traffic Amplifier.
  • Prepare the banner for your own recommendation widget in Traffic Amplifier and add to your webpage

Content is always up to date, Traffic Amplifier reviews the articles hourly.

Banners are shown across our publishers network. All of the domains will be displayed in the reporting.

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