Data management platform

Improve efficiency and accuracy of your campaigns. Utilize data to understand your client interests and segment internet audiences in the most detailed way. All of this can be done using our data management platform.

Have a solid and clear knowledge based on your owned data for your campaign planning. Implement a pixel on your landing page and access comprehensive reports that can lead you to valuable campaign insights.

Use a data management platform to access valuable information about your client’s interests. Grow your understanding on how to target internet audiences for your products, where to purchase ad inventory, what messages to provide. 


Improve your campaign planning
Data over context

Stop limiting your client reach by contextual targeting. Explore better targeting possibilities for your campaigns with a wide-range socio-demographic audience segmentation possibilities. 

Choose user’s age, gender, income, household size, or education data to combine the most accurate target audience for your campaign.

Target this audience throughout all of Digital Matter publisher inventory with ad formats of your choice and obtain better reach of your potential clients.

Discover the best way to find custom interest audiences in real time. Use our keyword tracking functionality to create an audience segment of all relevant users who are interested in a certain topic at a certain time.

It will allow you to reach internet users who have an intent of buying your product or services. You will be able to target only this niche audience across all of Digital Matter publisher inventory. 

Keyword targeting

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Many advertisers already put their hands on this powerful DMP to alter internet audiences to their campaign needs.

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Use cases


Better results

Don’t waste your budget on a shotgun approach – streamline your ad campaigns to reach users that are ready to buy

Enhanced insights

Get explicit information about your visitor’s interest and use it for your campaign planning

Be accurate

Target only those users that match your campaign’s objectives

Go beyond context and 3rd party cookies

Use your owned 1st party and wide range socio-demographic data to select users for your target audience

Reach niche audiences

Use keyword targeting to segment only those users who are interested in the right topic at the right time

More segments

Create as many custom segments of your target audience as you wish


You can segment your user data by socio-demographic, interest based or keyword based criteria. 

They do not as they always lose those cookies who do not match the criteria and add new ones that start to match. Therefore, the segment is evergreen. 

Yes, we provide you with reports that show what interest groups are the ones that are visiting your landing page. This can be a great tool to know where to plan your next campaign or what should be your tone of voice.

Yes, we can retarget your visitors across the whole Digital Matter Publisher network or only in selected site groups. 

Yes, we scan our whole network's content and find all necessary keywords and users that have interacted with them heavily lately. Segments of these users will be created for your campaign. 

Your ads will be shown only to the selected segment audience all across Digital Matter publisher network site ad positions. This will allow you to reach your target audience wherever they are browsing at the moment.  

This is a swift and easy process. We will send you a tag, you will implement it on your landing page, we will create an access to the platform and you will be able to see the data.

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