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As much as it is important to have high quality content on your site, it is no less crucial to allow  search engines to understand it in the right manner. All this can lead to a better organic visitor traffic on your site. Hence, we encourage you to start with technical SEO to improve your site’s page indexation for certain keywords you contain or wish to compete with. 

Technical SEO is composed of many aspects: domain rating, health score, page speed, meta descriptions and many others. It is recommended to perform regular technical audits to make sure that your site is corresponding to all newest search engine requirements.

Technical SEO
Off-page SEO

Best results in SEO require not only actions taken on your site, but beyond as well. Off-site SEO can improve your site’s rating and appearance in top organic search results related to your keywords and services through actions taken in external internet sources and social media channels. 

We will use broad and high quality Digital Matter publisher network capabilities to create sustainable backlinks together with valuable content in respectable websites in order to upgrade your website's external rating factors, reliability, popularity and authority to internet users. 

Well used keywords can secure you a strong competition and top placements in organic search. We will perform analysis to open opportunities in finding most significant search keywords and phrases internet users apply in their everyday search for your products and services. It will let us provide recommendations on how to use them on your site’s content as well as on your off-site content and backlinks.  

Keyword analysis
Competitor and market analysis

Analyzing your competitors and the market you are in will provide you a better understanding on what keywords and phrases others use to compete and get the best placements in organic search.

We will provide you with detailed analysis on your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend actions to take in order to improve your position and stay ahead of competition. 

Our team of specialists equipped with professional SEO tools will provide you with consulting services to better understand all your needs.

We will advise on your common mistakes, necessary everyday actions on your website’s content and setup or even individual needs to change CMS or website’s layout. It will help you to match all the latest search engine requirements.

Reach out to us and get your training or even a complete strategy on how to elaborate your content and get the best results out of it. 


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