Custom ad solutions

Use our non-standard advertising solutions to enhance and support your campaigns with additional visibility and reach or even greater brand awareness through non-standard advertisement solutions, static placements or content projects. 

Utilize the power of local content. Publish an article in the desired website to provide more content about your products and services to your clients.

You can select from a wide range of publishers that can help you reach custom interest based audiences or even readers from specific regions. We can write you an article if there is a need. Finally, add active ‘do follow’ links to these articles to improve your SEO and get the most of this solution. 

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Explore vast possibilities of interactive non-banner premium ad slots in classified websites on mobile and desktop environments. You will be able to show your interactive banner on every single pageview, secure your ad slot for long-term campaigns and get the best visibility.

Enjoy the best possible product placement next to the content where users with intent to buy are visiting at the moment. This is an especially suited solution for loans, auto lease, banks, furniture planners, e-commerce or insurance companies. We will share the best practises and program your banner to match all your needs. 

Not all offers fit to short display banner call-to-action slogans. Get a better user interaction with your offer through private messages or newsletters. It will let you present your offer on a fuller scale and reach your target audience through a differently consumed medium.

We can send them to specific audiences of your choice: men, women of a certain age, parents, school students of a certain age or geo or even school teachers. We will track the open rate and will be able to target users who are interested across all of our publisher inventory. 

Private messages & newsletters
Content projects

Place your products & services in the content that your target audience is consuming daily: an e-diary for students and their parents or a news portal, or even a sports fan website.

We will examine your custom needs and create a branded content project with a series of articles to support and match your offer. It will be placed in high visibility spots on websites to drag your target audience's attention. Get rid of advertisement labels and start providing valuable content for your potential clients. 

Expand your campaign channels and get everything planned in one place. Premium programmatic inventory, Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads and Search are available to you as an additional service we provide to our advertisers.

Save your time and money hiring several different agencies and trust your complex campaign planning to our team. We will help you to combine local media with social media to reach the best outcome for your ad campaigns. 

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Avoid “ad” label

By using native ad solutions you can escape ad blindness and be noticed by your potential clients

Be closer to the content your audience likes

Native ad solutions are integrated into the content your target audience concentrates on

Share the content promoting your business

Become a part of websites content and spread your message through articles

Guarantee great visibility

Fixed placements and creative solutions always attract the attention, don’t miss the chance

Avoid competition

Having a fixed or exclusive non-banner placement guarantees you will be visible where no other competitor can appear

Increase user engagement

Native display ads receive a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than typical display ads

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