Data Management Platform

Take advantage of your data and turn your present into your future. Use your owned data to drive sales, grow pageviews and understand how your visitors interact with your content.

Increase your sales opportunities by utilizing your owned data. Our powerful DMP will allow you to segment your visitors into almost any target audience and match the needs of your clients. 

It can become an irreplaceable tool to offer more products to your advertisers. Access a socio-demographic take on your audience based on their gender, age, income or interest. 

You will also be able to target your visitors according to their mobile brand or location and discover audiences interacting with certain keywords in your content for custom client needs. 

Transform your visitors into countless audiences
Tools for editorial


Empower your editorial team with your real time data to improve your website’s content and make sound decisions about what articles should be on top of your site or in your social media feed to drive more traffic.

All this is possible using a simple and customizable widget to overview data for the whole website as well as for each section or even an article. It will allow you to measure article performance, pageviews, number of users in your content at the moment, average time on each article and compare it to last week's data to find your visitor reading patterns and learn what publishing strategy you can apply. Catch the trends that are happening right now and make your feed relevant to your visitors.

Let your visitors discover your content in a more easier way. Create highly customizable content recommendation widgets and set what patterns it should follow - behavioural, contextual or even real time trends. AI machine learning will allow you to target individual users and offer them the best suitable content that matches their interest. And all this can be done by a Project manager in a simple and accessible platform. Using this tool will create a more personalized reading experience and grow visitor loyalty

Content recommendation engine

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Discover audiences you thought you never had. On your right you can see one out of many examples how you can find, segment and sell your visitors' audience regarding niche interests. In this case it’s users interested in plastic surgery in the last 7 days. Segment your website visitors to countless audiences regarding their age, gender, income, education, interests, mobile brand or even by keywords that they are interacting with for the past few days. The possibilities are limitless. And this is all within your own website data.

Get all the necessary insights about your content popularity and usage in real time. Find all the hot topics and content units and make them top articles in your news feed. Understand where they are coming from, what mobile brand or operating system they use to read your content. See geographical locations of your top visitor audiences. Use all this data to make sound decisions on your content layout and your article topics.

Create professional looking and user behavior based AI recommended content widgets to show for your visitors and increase reading time and user retention. You will be surprised with a great CTR% you can reach by using this powerful and innovative tool.


Full control

Access and control the full scale of your data in real time.

Increase sales

Use data to transform your visitors to countless audiences and find new ways to drive your sales.

Deep insights

Analyze and use key insights to better understand your visitor’s behavior.

Enhance content

Improve your content quality and relevance to your visitors.

Grow loyalty

Help your visitors discover more of your content.

Scale faster

Grow your website’s page views and average time spent on site.

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Your data is separated and is out of reach of any third party. You will be the only one accessing, controlling, and utilizing it.

This DMP is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations and will have no effect on your visitor’s privacy choice.

You will be provided with training and consultations from our team after confirming the agreement.

It is possible to parcel a yearly payment on a monthly basis.

The process is rather fast. It can be done in up-to-two weeks. After signing the agreement you will receive a piece of tag that you will have to implement on your site in order to collect your data and send it to the platform. After that you will receive a login for your DMP account and will be able to access and manage your data.

You can segment your user data by socio-demographic, interest based or keyword based criteria. 

They do not as they always lose those cookies who do not match the criteria and add new ones that start to match. Therefore, the segment is evergreen. 

Information is being provided for the day you are reviewing it.

Yes, the platform allows us to separate and see all related data information about each URL. 

Yes, you can manually set the priority to show recommendations related to the topics each user is interacting heavily with.

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