Premium Ad Server

Unlock ad management advantages available for global hi-end publishers with Digital Matter state-of-the-art premium ad server to increase ad slot performance, grow ad revenue, control multiple demand sources and partners, analyze campaign data and do much more.


Full control

A complete toolkit availability to manage your ads multiscreen

Advanced ad management

No “blank-space” to miss any opportunity.

Premium options

 Free access to paid features that's available for premium users

Additional monetization

Digital Matter monetization in default package

Access to use of data

Full opportunities of data based ad management

Integration capabilities

Covering all existing programmatic opportunities and connection types

Holistic inventory and campaign analysis

Sophisticated reporting abilities allowing to run campaign or inventory reports by deep detailed target parameters and dimensions. 

Premium support & assistance

Direct access to local Digital Matter representatives for support and assistance.


Programmatic open market, Open Bidding and Programmatic direct: deals and auctions

Unified Pricing Rules (UPR), monitoring and blocking creatives in the open market

Granular ad unit and line item hierarchy, dynamic ad allocation on line item level and delivery option of grace period for expected to under deliver line items

Formats: standard, native, responsive, video, overlay ads, in-banner video ads and custom templates, advanced video options, with ad rules, content bundles and metadata

Audience segments, detailed audience targeting, and auto-suggested ad units

Sophisticated reporting including: active view impressions, historical, reach and future sell-through

Granular User access and ads.txt management

Direct access to local support

Some publishers can find the process of setting up, understanding or upgrading an ad server quite long and complicated. Digital Matter will help you assess, set up, optimize and upgrade your Premium Ad server Account to reach its full potential.

Easy process

Start working with us


Our team reviews and proposes best setup for your business


Sign an agreement and get access to your premium ad server account


Implement core tags into the website source, update ads.txt


Start enjoying the benefits using your state-of-the-art ad management system

Full scale

Unlock full scale of modern-day ad management opportunities for your digital business.

Manage in a premium manner across all your inventory and demand sources for each of your ad impressions and show the most relevant ad which your business needs.

Premium ad server account as a core element in a composure with Digital Matter top class ad and inventory management products and services, unlocks full scale of the ad serving opportunities for your digital business, the same level currently available and used by the Worlds high-end digital publishers.

Sophisticated premium ad management and reporting capabilities for your sales and inventory management, complemented with Digital Matter products:

and services:

Together with outstanding local support.

Move your ad management and monetization to the next level.

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