Lux helps Publishers to improve Viewability and add incremental Revenue per pageview.

Increase Viewability

Lux works only for particular Ad Slots and Ads. The algorithm includes real-time data from the visitors' online behavior and seamlessly loads the ad at the right moment. This feature allows increasing ad slots viewability in the long term by generating an additional revenue stream for a quality inventory.

Lux generates additional ad requests when the algorithm knows that the user is active and is reading the content. It lets publishers show newly generated ads with high viewability. This allows them to generate up to 10-15% of additional inventory by making sure the CPM prices are the same or higher compared to the original/average ad slot price.

Additional Quality Inventory & Revenue


Guaranteed ad exposure

Selected ads

Floor price

Selected demand partners

Adjustable to the most granularity


Viewability increase

Lux improves the overall ad slots viewability in the long-term. Using ad refresh showing on only 100% viewable ads in user’s screen allows to increase the average viewability performance of the ad slot.

Additional revenue stream

Lux creates additional ad requests meaning that new ad inventory is created, it generates new ad impressions and brings revenue on top.

Additional quality inventory

New ad is loaded only when the user is active and the ad is on a screen. It allows to show only viewable advertisements.



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There is no additional price on top to use Lux on your website.

Please contact your account manager to enable this service.

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