Ensure wide demand for your website – from direct campaigns and orders to programmatic advertising.

Our platform allows you to receive impressions with competitive CPM prices from 15+ Header Bidding Partners, Google Ad Exchange, Google Open Bidding as well as Programmatic Deals and Direct Orders. 

Direct campaigns

Direct campaigns

Adnet powered by Digital Matter is an exclusive supply for local advertisers and local agencies. Well-known brands’ campaigns will be served over your inventory. You will be paid well as the local campaigns and banners are very relevant and high-engaging to your visitors.

Programmatic Advertising

Digital Matter has connected more than 15+ partners: SSPs, DSP, Ad Exchanges which allows them to deliver high-quality advertisements and compete in Header bidding auctions to win your visitors' attention by delivering the right ad at the right time.

Digital Matter setup allows you to prioritize the demand sources and compete for the highest price across preferred deals, private auctions as well as open market.

Programmatic Advertising
Header Bidder Wrapper

Header Bidder Wrapper

Opening up inventory to Header-Bidding partners increases your website’s CPM significantly. Digital Matter HB grants access to your inventory for the world’s biggest buyers directly without any additional integration.

Your demand will become available for Magnite, Xandr, Amazon, Index Exchange, Adform, Criteo, RTB House, Teads, Improve Digital and etc.

Yield partners are connected via client-side and server-side, combined both to get maximal yield and minimal latency.

Programmatic for Pros

Having your own Google Ad Manager and Adx accounts along with other programmatic demand partners, why would you need intermediaries of the same partners? The answer: you don’t. What would be useful for you is hands-on experience and complementary demand partners. 

Seamlessly integrate our incremental demand sources to your own direct and programmatic demand. Stay independent and in control of your inventory and use our adtech as added value to boost your revenue. 

It’s fully transparent as you will use your own ad server and partner connections while we provide our best know-how and only additional demand sources.

Programmatic for Pros
Adblock Recovery

Adblock Recovery

With Adblock recovery, you will be able to recover programmatic revenue which might be lost from visitors who use Adblock plugins to avoid ads.


Our solution has no negative impact on user experience and users are able to opt-out. The solution is approved by the Acceptable Ads Initiative.

Start working with us


Our team reviews and proposes best formats and the monetization solution


Sign an agreement and get access to our demand sources


Implement core tags into the website, update your ads.txt


Start making revenue and receive monthly earnings


One tag - all demand

Within one adserver tag you will be able to receive demand from all of the sources

Unified reporting

Receive unified reporting from all of the sources in one place. Moreover, easily report per different demand sources to see the uplift from one to the other

Increase revenue with Header bidding

Switch from the old waterfall method to the auction-based Header-bidding solution and increase your CPM prices from the first day

CMP & TCF support

Greater control and flexibility for publishers – they can integrate & collaborate with their technology partners with the ability to restrict the purposes for which personal data is processed on a per-vendor basis

Programmatic deals

You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that the buyer can optionally bid on. The buyer has an initial, or "preferred" opportunity to bid at the negotiated price when there is an ad request for the inventory

ID support (Criteo, ID5, others)

Identification infrastructure provides the digital advertising ecosystem with comprehensive identification capabilities and makes user recognition and measurement more efficient in all environments

Floor price

Set the minimum price to your inventory that you accept for auctions

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