Code of Conduct

Business ethics is important for us

As a subsidiary of AS Ekspress Grupp, we are responsible for our own business (hereafter Ekspress Grupp or the Group means all subsidiaries and associates of the Group). As a large company listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange, the Group has a significant impact on society, therefore the reliability and impeccable reputation of all the Group's units must always be ensured. We promote financially, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable development both in our operations and as part of our wider field of activity, as well as in promoting responsible entrepreneurship in our field of activity, such as the reliability of media content and digital services, environmental responsibility and freedom of expression.


Ethical business practices have always been an integral part of the Ekspress Group and our business. Our goal is to maintain a transparent business environment and conduct our business responsibly and ethically. Ekspress Grupp does not financially support political parties or individual politicians.

The Code of Conduct of the Ekspress Group applies to all employees of AS Ekspress Grupp and its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, regardless of their position in the organization and the nature of the employment relationship. The Code of Conduct is a guideline for the day-to-day business communications of each employee inside and outside the Company and reflects our acceptable standard of conduct. 

The Code of Conduct has been approved by the Management Board of AS Ekspress Grupp.

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Reporting suspected misconduct

We consider it important that the principles set out in the Code of Conduct are followed in all units of the Group. If you notice any violation of the Code of Conduct, other policies or rules of AS Ekspress Grupp, report it or report the misconduct through the official cross-group notification channel.

The Abuse Reporting Channel is not intended to provide customer feedback or news tips or to report issues related to personal disputes.

The notification channel is secure and confidential. To ensure confidentiality, the information channel is managed by an external partner (WhistleB). Notifications are transmitted over an encrypted connection and are password protected. All reports of misconduct will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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